Editors & Directors talk about Editing

Hitchcock explains editing

EDITOR Thelma Schoonmaker

Martin Scorsese & Thelma Schoonmaker in the Editing Room (with Michael Powell)

Cutting Yourself Out of a Corner” Part I – Thelma Shoonmaker

EDITOR Michael Kahn

Alfred Hitchcock – Masters of Cinema (Complete Interview in 1972)

Quentin Tarantino On Making Movies (14 min)

Editing Techniques in films of Scorsese: Freeze frames, Flashbulb cuts, Temporal expansion and ellipsis

Forums, Tutorials & Resources on Editing and Indie Filmmaking

For FCPX tutorials, sign up for
Courses are thorough and clear, definitely  worth checking out. One of the most comprehensive ways of figuring out the new software.
For a few dollars more than a basic subscription, you get project files used in their courses, so you can follow along with the videos and do exercises they suggest.

Film/ Editing Terms



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